We are not Saints shirt

We Are Not Saints Shirt

As much as you are pained to see us in this condition, grief has its own timetable and its own agenda We are not Saints shirt. The bottom line is that there really is very little you can say that can help us so stay away from platitudes. Unsolicited spiritual and religious advice is often seen as an imposition and grossly simplistic in the face of real trauma and tragedy rather than as an effort to help.

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Best We are not Saints shirt

The most important thing you can do is to listen to We are not Saints shirt. Let us do the talking. It will help us process what we need to talk about, reintegrate our story, and actualize the loss. Sooner or later we will begin to find our new normal and perhaps after many months. Perhaps even years, the good days will start outnumbering the bad ones again.

Even after that time, because of the way grief and trauma change the brain. Do not expect us to be our old selves. It’s not fair, it’s not helpful, but it happens. We don’t want to become poster children, but we often do. You can be of best help by not being afraid of us, staying focused on our needs, and being there when we need you after things calm down and the quiet sets in.

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