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I think it entirely depends on you and how you approach the situation.. Yes it’s tough to deal with a heartbreak/breakup but you should try to get over it before it starts ruining your personal life… Try to talk to your family members or your friends if you can’t handle the situation on your own.. Or better still visit a counsellor and tell him about your problem.. But in no case you should let it affect your personal life.. Hope this helped

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My opinion is the classic ‘if you love something, set it free’. If you love this person, then you should simply love being around them. But yes it can lead to some very intense depression cycles, though it’s more of a ‘hurt love’ as opposed to a ‘depressed life’ sort of depression. It’s pretty easy to get out of, but make sure not to dwell/ ruminate very deeply on the subject, or you are very likely to become depressed.

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