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By California law, you cannot sell alcohol after 2am. Everything closes super early. On top of that, drinking is a problem in general unless you’re willing to spend a fortune on Uber or are one of the lucky few who have a designated driver. No subway system that can take you home, and as a woman I wouldn’t want to go on a bus at night in LA with club clothes on. People seem to think LA is very diverse, and it is. At least in terms of the County. You can get great ethnic food from just about anywhere in the world.

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Los Angeles Baseball Mookiewood shirt

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However, some of these neighborhoods are so far away from where you are that you are not going to be able to take advantage of that unless you’re willing to be stuck in traffic for hours just to get some Indian food. There’s great ethnic food in New York too, and it’s right in front of your house. It’s not the lack of diversity that’s the problem in LA. It’s how spread out these clusters are. So whereas in places like NY or London people all tend to gather around a central area, LA forms cliques here and there and the people don’t mingle.

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