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I have Perfect pitch and I’ve known I could do it for as long as I could remember. In elementary music class I could tell pitches the teacher played on the keyboard. I could tell when we were singing I could tell if we were a different pitch from recordings we heard. I never spoke of it because it was something I thought everybody could do because like what other people said it’s like recognizing the color of the sky.

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Jason Voorhees pitching a tent for you vintage shirt

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Nobody knew I had perfect pitch until my junior year of high school in band class our director played a chord on the piano asking if anybody knew the name of the chord. I raised my hand and said it was a G major chord. After class the director decided to test me for perfect pitch and she was so stunned when i recognized every pitch she played for me to identify. Well to get to the point having perfect pitch is like being able to see colors as a species that naturally sees black and white.

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