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Asha made a great point. We usually love ourselves way more than we love others Fresh outta schedule changes shirt. There are exceptions, were a person would sacrifice for another person that they love, but those cases are not so often anymore. I don’t love anyone either. I loved a few people in the past, but after a few unpleasant experiences, I managed to get rid of this emotion, at least for now.

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Will it return in the future? Maybe, but right now I don’t feel anything for anyone Fresh outta schedule changes shirt. You’ll get to love someone in the future, don’t you worry. As for your friend, I don’t love mine either. I like spending time with them because they are funny and interesting, but love them? Nah. And I don’t think they love me either, they don’t have any reason.

So you’re fine, until you find that person, that one and true person that you’ll love, don’t be surprised you don’t feel anything for anyone. Welcome to the club of sensible and logical beings that were always hard to find in this world. I know many will judge me for being so rude but again who cares. I to myself don’t like forced Hangouts and I don’t fuckin care what others think about me coz I know myself completely.

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