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Synthesised document containing all these key elements is called WhitePaper, This contain all of the inner workings of application, how the system works, technical information about your project, token allocation information, and the use of tokens within the system. This is use to give the complete idea of the Application. This phase is all about bringing your planing to execution, building the communication strategy and use all viable channels to communicate about project.

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Donald Trump Coin 2020 shirt

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For this its very important to keeping all your team ready for responding all the raised queries by public. it is also good to hire a reputable law firm who has experience with blockchain companies and running an ICO process. Government releases commemorative coins for different events. e.g Rs 1000 coin was released by the mint. It was brought out to commemorate 1,000 years of the Brihadeeswara temple in Thanjavur. However, such coins of unusual denominations – including Rs. 50 and Rs. 75 – do not have any legal value and are of limited edition. One cannot use them in circulation.

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