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Tansy Chana you fools used to own 1 4 of the world 100 years ago. But they’re far less prevalent than the gun battles we hear about on an almost daily basis in America, so I still think we’re doing better than the Americans. I also noticed you were the first weak-minded person to bring up the President of the United States. How much does that do nothing royal family collect in taxes from you people? You do know the American gun owner is the largest military in the world. If they can’t get guns, they get knives, machete’s, or maybe they could just drive a huge truck, into a crowd of people.
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Strangely enough, not a single one of them keeps evil people, from doing evil things. And I’d say your President is more of a fake than the royal family any day, so I suggest you find a more suitable argument before commenting again. Stand there and wet your pants and leave a widow start Reeve The gun violence happens because of what you are displaying with your comment, lack of respect for other people. We could have knife regulations and support fake royal family you guys criticizing the thoughts and prayers people are more annoying than the thoughts and prayers people. What was the point of Luke Fox opening the door of Bruce Wayne’s mansion with his shirt open.

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