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Pig Kansas City Chiefs tattoo shirt

Play Ball. Many animal companions may enjoy batting around a ball from time to time and guinea pigs are no exception. A ping pong ball or cat-sized ball can provide entertainment for guinea pigs. Tennis balls may also work, but they may not be as fun as lighter, smaller balls that are easier for them […]

The legend of Aaron Gordon shirt

Baseball records are sacrosanct, holy writ, the DNA of our sports culture and sports fandom. Think about it. When we were kids everybody knew that Hank Aaron had the home run record with 755 home runs, Ty Cobb had the most hits with 4,191,and Cy Young had 512 Wins. You did not even have to […]

Star Wars family guy Blue Harvest shirt

[The other answer talks of continental drift and something like that. That is not quite correct. Sri Lanka, though an island, was always part of the Indian continental plate. Sri Lanka to India is not Madagascar is to Africa] The surprising thing is not that elephants walked to Sri Lanka at some time in history: […]

Harley Quinn San Francisco 49ers shirt

Both of these forms of abuse have been used by Joker upon Harley as we can see many times: he physically cutting, beating her; he literally isolates her by sending her to the space; he manipulates her and convinces that her life is nothing without him; and more… Some people may ask: “If so then […]

The Corona Virus beer 2020 shirt

He went on to say “When China’s leaders finally declare victory against the outbreak of the new and deadly Coronavirus, they will undoubtedly credit the Communist Party of China’s leadership. But the truth is just the opposite: the party is again responsible for this calamit(y)” The fallacy in the last statement bears out, ie. the […]

Shaun Beergoyne Australia’s Silkiest since 2020 shirt

Though there are many snowboarders that aren’t necessarily fans of Shaun, I’ve never heard anyone say that Shaun White is not one of the most diligent competitors out there. I would cautiously liken him to a person with ADD; despite his numerous side projects, whenever he finds something he is genuinely interested in (a new […]

Los Angeles Baseball Mookiewood shirt

By California law, you cannot sell alcohol after 2am. Everything closes super early. On top of that, drinking is a problem in general unless you’re willing to spend a fortune on Uber or are one of the lucky few who have a designated driver. No subway system that can take you home, and as a […]

St Patrick’s day hippie gnome dabbing shirt

The downside is that all these apps will only offer rather basic functionality. Don’t expect GNOME music to offer fancy graphical equalizers or sophisticated MP3 tag editing. Its job is to simply make your music collection nicely available to you, and play the songs you wish. My personal experience? I never really liked the Unity […]

Jason Voorhees pitching a tent for you vintage shirt

I have Perfect pitch and I’ve known I could do it for as long as I could remember. In elementary music class I could tell pitches the teacher played on the keyboard. I could tell when we were singing I could tell if we were a different pitch from recordings we heard. I never spoke […]

Donald Trump Coin 2020 shirt

Synthesised document containing all these key elements is called WhitePaper, This contain all of the inner workings of application, how the system works, technical information about your project, token allocation information, and the use of tokens within the system. This is use to give the complete idea of the Application. This phase is all about […]

Stormtrooper and Darth Vader selfie with Kobe Bryant shirt

Sometimes, a hug comes even before an introduction. If someone is so worried that they’re breaking down over the possible catastrophic fate awaiting them, and I know it’s not as serious as they think or they will be able to get through it, then the first most important thing is to break through that fear […]

The Walking Dead Abbey Road shirt

He thrived in the apocalypse. When he killed that walker tied to a damn chair, and fought back Merle, I never felt more proud to have him as my favorite character on the show. Glenn finally transformed from a boy into a man in that moment! Glenn had what it took to survive, just as […]

Mickey Mouse Bruno Mars shirt

That girl was the meanest one my mom ever had come over. She basically thought she could act like she owned our house. I once took ice cream out of the refrigerator to eat as a snack- and she yelled at me to put it back because I had to wait until after I had […]

Love leads the way shirt

I think it entirely depends on you and how you approach the situation.. Yes it’s tough to deal with a heartbreak/breakup but you should try to get over it before it starts ruining your personal life… Try to talk to your family members or your friends if you can’t handle the situation on your own.. […]

I’m a DJ not a juke box shirt

The flatware was rolled up in a cloth and each part of the set was wrapped tight in plastic wrap. It was a service for 16 with 8 pieces per setting. It was marked 20 because it was a complete set. I paid the 20.  Buy this shirt: I’m a DJ not a juke box shirt […]