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Michael Myers nothing scares me I’m a diabetic I deal with pricks every day shirt

Guess you don’t know how deadly these people can be, her brain has been totally brainwashed and she might be an inside to hide the Michael Myers nothing scares me I’m a diabetic I deal with pricks every day shirt Furthermore, I will do this deadly plan they might be forging ahead. All three kids died. Beyond […]

Skull sam’s rules of Halloween never ever piss of the Pittsburgh Steelers shirt

I’m surprised the Skull sam’s rules of Halloween never ever piss of the Pittsburgh Steelers shirt What’s more,I will buy this extreme left are not here saying its trumps fault it’s been removed they blame him for everything elseYeah right but you don’t have a problem with Trump blaming Obama for everything do ya. If a black […]

Buffalo Plaid Snowman Nurse Boo Boo Crew Christmas shirt

LOATHING, NEVER QUESTION BIDEN, NOTHING TO SEE HERE, WE ARE JOURNALISTS TRUST USDeena Jones Cite sources. NC nearing 100k cases, and they’re decision is to open schools but shut down bowling alleys and cancel the Buffalo Plaid Snowman Nurse Boo Boo Crew Christmas shirt and I love this NC State Fair. Banning cities and counties from enforcing […]

Herschel Walker 2022 Georgia Senate Election shirt

Why on earth has this vaccine issue become a right-wing Herschel Walker 2022 Georgia Senate Election shirt (mostly against) or left-wing (mostly pro) issue? Can anybody explain to me why the politicians are manipulating people’s mentality so that if you are right-wing you are likely to coalesce around the no-vax option? We honor all 13 […]

53 Years 1968 2021 Led Zeppelin thank you for the memories shirt

Inhalation and exhalation valves, anti-suffocation valve and double microphone, are also included inside the mask and specially fitted to the pilots head and face since they are using overpressure. We used to smile and then we worked at Petco shirt The White Stripes 25th anniversary 1997-2022 thank you for the memories signatures shirt The Hundreds […]

Linkedintee – Pumpkin yo no tricks bruh you got my treats shirt

Me? Never lol. I started in kindergarten. I would “disappear” from class. I could be found sleeping in the cars at the local Oldsmobile dealer, or in the theater where men wore trench coats or at the ice cream store where they gave me sherbet until the school came and got me. See more: […]

Lovefrogtee – The Detroit Tigers Abbey Road signatures shirt

So I traded my good seat for the worst one on the plane and two free beer. The regulars on the plane (yeah, we didn’t know each other, but we saw each other often enough to nod) cheered for me because we were finally going to get in the air. See more: […]

Lightsuptee – Nikola Jokic Denver Nuggets Magic Jokic shirt

In general high capacity magazines (even over 75 rounds) do exist and some can be used by some belt-fed machine guns. Some tend to be less reliable than belts due to the feed system or the magazine designs. See more: […]

WannaTshirts – Avocado surfing let’s surf shirt

At age 13 she took up a sport that has a big tournament at Disney every president’s Day weekend. We went every year. Lots of red heads there. She got married and had a red haired daughter. They go to the same contest at Disney every year. Are you worried yet? See more: […]

Theusshirt – Trans Vaccinated I am not actually vaccinated shirt

The US military had to invent the Claymore mine. It’s a remote activated explosive device with hundreds of steel ball bearings. A soldier detonates the device once the enemy human wave approached within 200 meters of the soldier’s position. See more: […]

53 Years 1968-2021 Black Sabbath thank you for the memories signatures shirt

I live in NY, my sister lives in Greenwich Village in the city. Communications were down, for a bit, but the television remained and we watched the second plane go into the building and all that happened. I don’t think we really were worried about if Bush had a fighter jet escort. Yes I am […]

The Detroit Tigers 120th anniversary 1901-2021 thank you for the memories signatures shirt

I had extremely painful periods, and bleeding was increasing until I was bleeding about 3 weeks out of 4. 5 different gynecologists said I was perimenopausal, and wanted me to take premarin. I refused, because of my family history of heart attacks amd strokes. One of them said he couldn’t be my doctor if I […]

Memphis Grizzlies 2021 NBA Playoffs shirt

Yes.Japanese aircraft crippled Yorktown. She lost all power and developed a 23-degree list to port. Salvage efforts on Yorktown were encouraging, and she was taken in tow by USS Vireo. In the late afternoon of 6 June, the Japanese submarine I-168 Proud parent or an honor student at Chao Kindergarten shirt Hocus Pocus Witch if […]

I like baseball and hunting and maybe 3 people shirt

It threw 24 contact-fused bombs forward of the ship, from a multiple spigot mortar. Being contact fused, they would detonate when they hit something – preferably a U-boat, but if not, the sea floor. Unexpected item in the bagging area shirt The Rolling Stones 59th anniversary 1962-2021 thank you for the memories signatures shirt Real […]

Charlie Brown and Snoopy watching Pittsburgh Steelers Halloween shirt

She graduated from Oxford in 1972, and back then you could graduate with four different classes of degree: first, second, third or fourth. Graduating with a third (or even a fourth!) and going on to have a career in law was certainly not unheard of back in those days. George Carman QC was regarded as […]

Michael Myers Freddy Krueger Jason Voorhees Oakland Raiders Halloween shirt

If you are bristling against authority, you need to take a deep breath, and accept that you’re not in a position of authority. It might be unpleasant, but it’s not something you’re going to win. Sadly, a lot of the world is like that: you have to play by the rules. Unexpected item in the […]

Dallas Cowboys all time greats all team signatures shirt

He’s keeping himself quite busy, isn’t he? He’s keeping one eye on the entire family, one eye on the intended rape victim, one hand is presumably pointing a gun at someone, and the other is fumbling with his trousers. Wade Junior shirt Unmasked unmuzzled unvaccinated unafraid American flag shirt The vaccine is a money making […]

Damn right I am a Potterhead now and forever signatures shirt

The supernumeraries were formerly attached to the company, as their name (ektaktoi)​ indicates, because they were not included in the number of the company: an army-herald, a signalman, a bugler, an aide, and a file-closer. The first was to pass on the command by a spoken order, the second by a signal, in case the […]

Please shut the fuck up when Alice Cullen is speaking shirt

I was on the business trip from hell. Missed airline connections, rental car shortages, faulty driving directions, torrential rains. The universe was conspiring against me and was winning handily. Wade Junior shirt Unmasked unmuzzled unvaccinated unafraid American flag shirt The vaccine is a money making scam operation shirt The Mighty Ducks shirt Taste Buds Podcast […]

Dog Dachshund sometimes I pretend to be normal but it gets boring so I go back to being me shirt

Replaced everything but the fridge and the stove. Flooring, lighting, cabinets, countertops, sink and faucet, and put in a good quality used dishwasher. My friend sold me the cabinets for $300 and another $100 for his not so old dishwasher. Add another $100 for his perfectly good sink, faucet, and countertops, and I Yes I […]

Once your tongue touches my meat ain’t no other place that you’ll want to eat shirt

Looking for a beer in the basement of a building. Prior to our attack, we’ve been drinking some beers and booze while we were waiting to move forward. I knew that there were still a few unopened beer cans in the basement, but to my great dismay, somebody else had been quicker than me and […]

New York Yankees all-time greats signatures shirt

The Royal Mint stopped issuing notes as soon as the King died, and produced new notes later in 1952. New coins waited more than a year later, to correspond with Her Majesty’s Coronation in 1953 This girl loves her Steelers shirt The New York Rangers 95th anniversary 1926 2021 thank you for the memories signatures […]

Linkedintee – Mod a way of life shirt

But will the lesson to stop invading other countries and installing puppet regimes be learned? No way. So just come back in another couple of years for the next installment of “How to Be Different!! The Beginner’s Guide to Occupying a Third World Country and Getting Away With it” See more: […]

Sunfrogtshirt – 2020 Was rigged shirt

The old Government of Afghanistan was corrupt and inept, and not much loved by anyone in Afghanistan, and probably not by their Western allies either. As nervous as they may be about their future, I doubt they are lamenting the ousting of the old regime too much. See more: […]

Trendingusatee – I’d love a mean tweet and $1.43 gas right now shirt

The dollar is the largest world reserve currency. Governments and private companies engage in International investment and transactions in dollars more than other major currencies. They buy US debt, issue their own debt in dollars, and buy products like oil that are priced in dollars. See more: […]

WannaTshirts – 45 Years 1976-2021 The Clash signatures thank you for the memories shirt

The last gunfight I got in with him I was with 2 other guys in one unmarked car. It was a Violent Crime Task Force type unit called Mobile Reserve. When a neighborhood got out of control (impending Gang War or one in progress, too many bodies on one block making the Captain look bad […]