St. Patrick’s Day it’s not a party until the Irish show up shirt

On my way back to the pool tho they St. Patrick’s Day it’s not a party until the Irish show up shirt. I had to squeeze around them and one of the dads grabbed my butt. I didnt say anything tho, just hurried back to the pool. I’ll never forget those softly spoken words. The way that she made eye contact while getting out of my car and softly uttered those words immediately got my mind racing with possibilities. It seemed to me as if they were thrown out almost as an afterthought, yet I couldn’t help wondering if there was an unspoken invitation there. The impact of them was to resonate with me for months. I knew Neera only in passing. She was a near neighbour in the suburban village I lived in. I guess I’d put her in her early 30’s.


St. Patrick’s Day it’s not a party until the Irish show up shirt

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She was of Asian origin, India or St. Patrick’s Day it’s not a party until the Irish show up shirt. I couldn’t really describe her figure in any more detail as she always wore a huge overcoat that hid it. We’d exchanged the time of day on occasion while waiting for the bus into the nearby town, and I’d seen her out and about with her husband and young boy from time to time. In short, it was all very much the respectful neighbour scenario, safe small talk, and polite nods in the street because it was the done thing in our little part of Eastern England. To be honest with you, I never really gave her a second thought at first. I lived a few doors away and worked as a lecturer at a sixth form college a few miles down the road. I think she worked at a scientific research place a mile or two away from my college but couldn’t be sure. About the only thing I did know, is that she caught the same bus as me from time to time. 

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