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However, it is still possible for a newbie to make a sustainable income online by choosing the right niche Today I’m Grandma’s problem shirt. For example, everyone is talking about virtual reality now. If you are interested in and your blog about, I believe there will be a huge potential in making good money from it. If you need help with building your first online business, let me know.

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Research does show women are happier when staying at home moms, and they are increasingly less happy in the modern age Today I’m Grandma’s problem shirt. There is some evidence that women working is also causing a population implosion, take for example Japan. That is currently being alleviated in western countries with immigration, although that has its own issues.

The other issue is the productivity of men under circumstances where monogamy and family are both falling. Men earn twice as much when married, and under the 30s earn less than women now. But women post 30 do not rise to the earning heights of men, they tend to settle for a work-life balance. To put in simply, men have worked as hard as they have historically to have a wife and kids.

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