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People change and things go wrong but just remember life goes on Mac Miller signature shirt

Next time, try to initiate conversation yourself. You could say wassup and then think of something to talk about ahead of time even if it is something as mundane as talking about homework or what you are having for lunch anything that could keep the conversation going beyond one word! Buy this shirt: People change and […]

New York Mets team signatures shirt

Not me, but a family member. We were all surprised at what the least foodie of us all ordered for an appetizer that night. We kept our mouths shut and didn’t even give each other a glance, not wanting to jinx the moment. Well. when the roasted beef bones, aka prairie butter, the server immediately […]

You are my Sunflower Lego shirt from Nicefrogtees

When New Orleans was granted an expansion team by the You are my Sunflower Lego shirt from Nicefrogtees to become the 16th team in that league, it happened on November 1, 1966. November 1 is All Saints’ Day in the Catholic church. As a nod to the day, and out of respect for the large Catholic community […]

Hairstyle happy St. Patrick’s day shirt

At that point was on one crutch, but still! I had fractured my ankle on top of my existing issues. He apologized, too. I told the others when I saw them again, and they couldn’t believe it. He was filling in for one of them. Buy this shirt: Hairstyle happy St. Patrick’s day shirt From:

Stormtrooper and Darth Vader selfie with Kobe Bryant shirt

Sometimes, a hug comes even before an introduction. If someone is so worried that they’re breaking down over the possible catastrophic fate awaiting them, and I know it’s not as serious as they think or they will be able to get through it, then the first most important thing is to break through that fear […]

I’m a DJ not a juke box shirt

The flatware was rolled up in a cloth and each part of the set was wrapped tight in plastic wrap. It was a service for 16 with 8 pieces per setting. It was marked 20 because it was a complete set. I paid the 20.  Buy this shirt: I’m a DJ not a juke box shirt […]

San Francisco 49ers for ever not just when we win signatures shirt

All of the sudden, mom gets mad. She screams at me saying that I can’t even do that right. She calls me stupid and slapped my face. She said, looks like you don’t get your wish. But I get mine. With that, she takes the cake, soda and ice cream away. Telling me I don’t […]

I’m older now but still running against the wind Bob Seger 50th anniversary 1970 2020 shirt

Of course, money is no object in your finding a room and getting there. I don’t care if you wind up having to stay in the Presidential Suite, if that is all they’ve got. And by all means, try to get an economy ticket on the airplane, but if you have to fly First Class, […]