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If target had a bar my lifee would be perfect shirt

If Target Had A Bar My Lifee Would Be Perfect Shirt

You utter a willing creature below the battlefield. If target had a bar my lifee would be perfect shirt. If the target tries to cast a spell, a stagnant pool is suddenly beset with unexplainable doubts. If it’s a sport show then yes, unless there is a specific target audience. So basically, lets target the brown man. […]

Witches with hitches shirt

Witches With Hitches Shirt

Witches with Hitches. Witches with hitches shirt. Sorceress is soaring high above Jack-o’-lanterns in a cemetery. Be proud to be a witch with a hitch. Classic woman’s Halloween shirt with a witch flying in front of a full moon. This couple of years I think proved that Sam’s hate boner on Islam is just flatly not based […]

It’s not drinking alone if the dog is home shirt

It's Not Drinking Alone If The Dog Is Home Shirt

But it’s boring sitting at home, drinking, alone. It’s not drinking alone if the dog is home shirt. Why not drink one while taking a few laps around the block and listen to sad songs. It’s not drinking martinis, listening to jazz and wafting around in a silk dressing gown. Instead, it tends to be scrambled […]

My dog and I talk shit about you shirt

My Dog And I Talk Shit About You Shirt

Someone just retweeted a video of police in China beating a dog. My dog and I talk shit about you shirt. I’m fucking sick to my stomach and pissed off pls do not retweet shit like that.  I get it you probably wanna spread that awareness just talk about it. That shit cause know I wanna […]

Just a woman who loves skulls shirt

Just A Woman Who Loves Skulls Shirt

Wonder if this poor person would be homeless. Just a woman who loves skulls shirt. She was receiving her State pension that was taken off her just because she’s a woman. We as a society should be ashamed that we are allowing this to happen to more and more women. I am tired of talking about how sex […]